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Turtle Island Cafe


Turtle Island is a Native American Indian term referring to Mother Earth.  They believed that the world was safely carried through the Universe on the back of a great serpent, that being a turtle.

Chef David Martin and Mimi Lane wish to welcome you to our little corner of Turtle Island.  Here at the Cafe we believe that everyone has the basic right to gastronomic pleasure and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of the food, tradition, and culture that make this pleasure possible.  Our thoughts are based upon the concept of Eco-Gastronomy, a recognition of the strong connections between plate and planet.


Here at Turtle Island Cafe we make every effort to use local farmers that practice sustainable methods and share our beliefs. 

2 for $30 Thursdays
Burger & Beer Fridays

Phone:  518-963-7417

Live Music Friday

IS BACK  6 to 8pm

FRIDAY- 12-8:30
SATURDAY- 12-8:30
SUNDAY- 12-8

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